The Dark Knight Updates

Counting inflation, Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Dark Knight has now officially surpassed Spider-Man to become the biggest comic book movie of all time. The Christopher Nolan sequel has reached $492.689 million domestically while Spider-Man hit a total of $491.952 when you look at the inflated number ($403.7 million without inflation).

Looking at the worldwide numbers, Variety says The Dark Knight will reach $900 million this weekend:

Crossing the $400 million milestone will place “The Dark Knight” in a club with only 29 other films. What’s equally impressive about the sixth Batpic is that it’s first in the series to generate a blockbuster number outside the U.S. “Batman Begins” generated the previous high number with a relatively modest $166 million.

The U.K. has led the way for “Dark Knight” with $86 million, followed by Australia with $40 million, Mexico with $25 million, Brazil with $19 million and South Korea with $18.6 million. With Germany in its second weekend and France in its third, and worldwide grosses going past $900 million this weekend, the Batpic may have enough firepower to become only the fourth film to hit $1 billion in combined foreign and domestic box office (after “Titanic,” the third “The Lord of the Rings” and the second “Pirates of Caribbean”).

And did you participate in the viral marketing campaign for the movie that was created by 42 Entertainment? If so, you’ll enjoy this interview with the company’s CEO Susan Bonds and CCO Alex Lieu.

Source: Superhero Hype!