The Dark Knight Reaches $870.4M Worldwide reports that The Dark Knight continued to do well in North America and overseas in its sixth weekend in theaters:

Christopher Nolan’s mega-blockbuster The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.) continues to thrive with $10.3 million in its sixth weekend, the first time since opening where it’s not in the Top 5 for its respective weekend compared to other movies. Even so, its running total domestically is up to $489 million, which means it could hit that elusive $500 million mark by Labor Day. That amount has only been seen once before domestically, by James Cameron’s Titanic, which made more than twice “Dark Knight’s” weekend gross in its own sixth weekend.

Internationally, The Dark Knight added another $34 million from 7,700 theaters in 62 markets. The overseas total has hit $381.2 million and the film has reached $870.4 million worldwide, climbing to 15th on the all-time worldwide blockbuster list.

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Source:, Box Office Mojo