Green Light for Stan Lee’s Time Jumper

Just in from Walt Disney Home Entertainment:

Stan Lee, visionary co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, The Hulk, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four, is teaming up with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (WDSHE) to introduce a revolutionary new concept in original superheroes and the comic book format: Time Jumper, which will become the industry’s most ambitious digital comic book series ever designed to release on multiple platforms. In addition to the ‘Time Jumper’ initiative, The Walt Disney Studios announced an extension of Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment, Inc production deal that covers all forms of media from movies and television through to publishing, games, the Internet and mobile-Web.

POW! Entertainment, Inc., Stan Lee’s media production company, in partnership with WDSHE is developing the central arc of the story and mythology of Time Jumper. In tandem, Disney Interactive Media Group’s Disney Online and Disney Publishing Worldwide will be working collaboratively to develop their own made-for-medium content using the mythology across Web, mobile and a host of publishing platforms, and help augment digital distribution opportunities which will ensure an overall enhanced consumer experience.

Time Jumper is being written and developed to offer a dynamic opportunity for consumers to engage in a multi-dimensional narrative adapted specifically for various platforms, to maximize their experience and interaction with the characters and their universe trans-media. Consumers will have the accessibility to download single or multiple episodes onto a media platform of their choice anytime, anywhere, as well as purchase the comic book in print. The new digital comic book format combines the traditional print look and feel, including dialogue and thought bubbles, with today’s cutting edge multimedia elements, including edgy visuals, music, voices and a fast-paced storyboard, to take a classic genre into the next dimension.

Stan Lee said, “I am honored to be in association with Disney, not only through the extension of our original deal, but also in breaking ground by creating a new superhero, that is destined to bring his own brand of thrills and adventure to so many varied forms of story telling as only Disney can provide them.” Lee continued, “Our ‘Time Jumper’ is more than a typical superhero. He’s a trend-setting breakthrough across all media; a hero for today’s digital age and tomorrow’s multiplatform entertainment.”

“This is an exciting project for everyone involved, and our aim is to deliver great content, that will enrich and deepen the consumers experience,” commented Bob Chapek, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Worldwide President. “We feel that the dynamic delivery of this important Studio initiative, coupled with the fact that we are working in collaboration with such a master storyteller as Stan Lee, will make this an electrifying product.”

“‘Time Jumper’ is a natural fit for interactive media and we’re thrilled to be working with such a creative visionary to help bring the story to life through multiple digital platforms including the Internet and mobile Web,” stated Paul Yanover, executive vice president and general manager, Disney Online. “Our focus is to not only help deliver the story, but become an interactive part of telling the story of ‘Time Jumper.'”

“Disney Publishing Worldwide is thrilled to give kids an incredibly unique reading experience through ‘Time Jumper,'” said Russell Hampton, president, DPW. “We are very proud to add Stan Lee’s comics and graphic novels in both print and digital formats to our rich heritage of storytelling.”

About Time Jumper

Terry Dixon, the greatest agent of the secret government organization known as HUNT (Heroes United, Noble and True), has a cell phone like no other. Invented by Terry’s father, it’s called The Articulus and it has all the latest and greatest cell phone features—plus one: It’s also a time machine!

Ever mindful of the dangers of Articulus falling into the wrong hands, Terry’s father ensured that it can be operated by only two people on earth—Terry and his brother Sam. But Sam, the original Time Jumper, has been lost in time, forcing Terry, an unlikely hero, to step into his shoes. As Terry’s search for his brother propels him through space and time, he is pursued by Charity Vyle, the beautiful, diabolical head of a worldwide criminal cartel called CULT (Council of Unlawful, Loathsome Terrorists), who wants Articulus for her own nefarious schemes. Each episode, Terry tries to stay one step ahead of his sworn enemy, while tracking down new clues to Sam’s whereabouts.

Source: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment