New Gotham Tonight Episode Up, Phone Call Received

Although defaced by The Joker, Gotham Tonight has posted a new episode which features an interview with Harvey Dent until the program receives news about the bank robbery in the movie!

On that note, ‘Darthgroudon’ tells us he just received the following on his phone that he got during the viral marketing:

I just got a phone call from a person being held hostage in the Gotham National bank. there was some interference and I could here the GCN Traffic update talking about police activity around the bank. There was alot of static and I could here people screaming and pleading for mercy. The person who called said “Hello, can anyone hear me? Please help”. There was another voice but it was muffled out by static. When the phone call ended the Joker’s laugh could be heard.

Source: Superhero Hype!