Hulk and Iron Man Box Office Updates has posted two separate articles on the box office results this weekend, one on the domestic figures and the other on the international results. Here are some clips from each;

Last week’s top movie, Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk (Universal) starring Edward Norton took a 61% plunge this weekend, dropping to third place with $21.6 million just behind Kung Fu Panda with a total of $96.5 million, about $4 million behind the previous Hulk movie five years ago.

[Internationally,] The Incredible Hulk finished a close second by grabbing $23.4 million at 4,700 theaters from 50 territories in its second weekend. “Hulk” has raised its totals to $63.3 million overseas and $159.8 million worldwide.

Having earned a badge of honor from becoming the first movie of the year to cross the $300 million mark, Marvel Studios’ Iron Man (Paramount) added another $4 million to its take, once again having the smallest drop-off from last weekend in the Top 10.