Anne Thompson on the Hulk “Feud”

For the past few months, there’s been a lot of talk about actor Edward Norton’s issues with Marvel Studios over the final edit of The Incredible Hulk and a lot of speculation about what that might mean for Norton’s future with the franchise, especially since he wasn’t credited for his part in rewriting the movie, something that’s been heavily-publicized since Norton signed on for the movie over a year ago.

With the movie now playing in theaters, Variety‘s resident industry expert Anne Thompson has posted a comprehensive analysis of the situation with links to some of the previous stories, as well as new information about how Norton was convinced by Marvel Studios to play Bruce Banner, why he may not have received a writing credit on the film and why he has not done very much publicity for the movie.

You can read her new blog post here and post your own comments and thoughts on it below.

Source: Variety