Second Tranformers 2 Set Report From Virginia

Scooper ‘drx’ is back with another update on the Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen filming at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum in Virginia:

I’m back one last time with a report about what I saw filmed at the museum on Saturday. Some potentially spoilerish stuff will follow, so be aware.

I arrived around 10 and stayed until they broke for lunch (around 2, 2:30). Got to see a lot of stuff filmed, it was really quite interesting stuff. Shia, Megan Fox, and John Turturro were all on set.

All filming pretty much took place around the SR-71 Blackbird today. When I first got there, Michael Bay was being pushed on a cart with a camera filming an RC car, an RC monster truck to be exact. It would roll past the side of the Blackbird and stop at the front. After several times doing this, Shia and Megan would then run and follow the RC truck along the plan to the front (Shia was holding what I can only describe as a plastic spoon probably standing in for something digital later). When he got to the front he would hold it up to the nose of the plane.

Potentially big SPOILERS may be here in this next part, but the next bit filmed was John Turturro and that unknown actor in the green hoodie from yesterday filming a scene facing the front of the plane. After some flashes of light, Turturro freaks out and yells “Decepticon! Get behind the MIG!”. So it’s official, the Blackbird is a Decepticon, or at least that’s what the characters think.

After that they took a long time setting up and filming the RC car rolling straight towards the nose of the plane and stopping. They then placed a two foot tall cutout of a robot (what the RC car will transform into) in its place and took some shots to get references for the FX team. And finally, they had the car roll towards the plane and stop, then Shia crawled into view and held up his “spoon” to the nose of the plane.

The last couple of scenes I saw before the broke for lunch was a scene with Megan Fox. It was far away from where we were allowed to stand and I couldn’t hear any dialogue but the tiny robot cut out was standing off camera and she was looking down at it while talking. And lastly, Shia stepped in the scene next to her and was yelling at someone off camera (though again I couldn’t hear any dialogue).

So there you have it. I’m pretty sure they are done filming here. I’ll ask my friend about what he saw them film in the afternoon and will pass it on if it seems interesting enough.

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