Adam Brody Talks Justice League

Superhero Hype! brother site visited the Vancouver set of Megan Fox horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body and got some quotes from Adam Brody about the Justice League movie.

“I probably shouldn’t be commenting on this, but who cares?” he said when asked about what happened to the Warner Bros. project that has George Miller attached to direct. ” I don’t totally know, I know there was a tax credit thing and I know that the initial writers strike was a hindrance. I know they’ve got Batman coming out and Singer wants another Superman – this is only speculation on my part, no inside knowledge on this – but as a fan I can understand how there’s controversy whether to try and build those, or building the franchise together. I think between the tax credit and I think… I think maybe it’ll still happen. I truly don’t know any more than you guys do.

“I know Ryan Reynolds was attached to the Flash for a while, then I got the part and I read on the internet ‘Oh, he’s no Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Renolds is the only Flash!’ If I don’t do it and hopefully in a year or two it’ll be someone else and they’ll get sh*t for not being me and I was the only person who could have ever conceivably been the Flash, it was so obvious.”

Shock also asked him what superhero he would like to play if he doesn’t get the Flash. “I secretly… sh*t, I shouldn’t say this stuff,” Brody answered.

What about Ant-Man? “F**k Ant-Man, man,” he laughed. “As a kid, as much as I liked the Flash, but the dream would always be to be Spider-Man. I always associated the most with Peter Parker. I could never be Batman obviously. I’ve always been jealous of Spider-Man.”

Reminded that there’s still a chance in case Tobey Maguire doesn’t return, Brody said, “I kinda know, they’re making a fourth one…”

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