Iron Man 2 in 2010?

Entertainment Tonight attended the Iron Man premiere and got a chance to speak to Viacom and CBS Executive Chairman Sumner Redstone and Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey who said that if the movie does as well as expected, the studio will be looking to release the sequel in 2010.

What’s interesting is that The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has already “claimed” the first weekend of the summer that year (May 7, 2010), but if you look at the calendar, Iron Man 2 could easily open on April 30, which is a Friday, essentially giving it almost a similar release date as the first film.

Oh! And while press screenings did not have a certain scene after the credits, when Iron Man is released in theaters tonight, it IS expected to have it… so, be sure to stay after the credits!

Source: Entertainment Tonight