Update: Penn on Young X-Men Spin-Off

ComicMix wrote:

We interviewed Zak Penn recently about ‘Incredible Hulk’ and some of his work on the X-Men films, and he discussed the projects at length (including his feelings about not being able to please comics fans)… At the end of the interview, he mentions that he’ll be writing the Avengers movie if/when they decide to do it (semi-old news, I realize), and that he’s attached to a Captain America film (“new” news, I believe). He also mentions that he’s doing an X-Men spin-off film that’s more of a “Young” X-Men vibe. finally, he discusses the project he’s working on with comics writer Brian Bendis, tentatively called “Bermuda Triangle” – it’s apparently some sort of summer blockbuster-type deal.

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UPDATE: ComicMix tells us that Zak Penn’s representatives contacted them after posting the interview saying that he is not attached to Captain America, even though they accurately transcribed the audio interview.

Source: ComicMix