Update: Transformers 2 to Film in Sedona?

Is this where the Optimus Prime and Barricade were being moved to? An interesting mention of Transformers 2 was included in the Sedona Film Office’s events calendar:

The Sedona Film Office continues to attract local production throughout the winter season. Production inquiries include an HGTV special, an American Ball Sports commercial, a yoga video, a Cosmopolitan fashion shoot, a pharmaceutical and Claritin commercial, a music video, an ATV commercial and industrial, independent feature “The Devil’s Bridge”, a corporate video, Paramount Pictures new “Star Trek” feature, Universal Pictures movie “Land of the Lost” starring Will Ferrell, and Michael Bay sequel “Transformers II”.

Sedona, Arizona is located about 110 miles north of Phoenix.

UPDATE: ‘Millennium Movies’ alerted us that this page, where you can see two more Autobots being transported somewhere.

Source: Superhero Hype!