Dark Knight & Speed Racer Coming to N-Gage

Nokia and Glu Mobile Inc. have announced its initial line-up of games to be launched on the N-Gage platform in 2008. The titles launching include Speed Racer and The Dark Knight.

In the Speed Racer mobile game, players become the ultimate Grand Prix champion in the Mach 6. They must master the art of Car-Fu and use drifting, sliding, jump-jacks and defensive driving in order to stay ahead of the pack while racing on extreme tracks with the best competitors.

In the Dark Knight game, Batman fights to eradicate street crime in Gotham City using his advanced combat skills and an array of unique gadgets. However, things take a darker turn when a new reign of chaos is unleashed on the terrified citizens of Gotham by a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker.

Source: Gibbers