Mostow and Virgin Developing Megas Feature

Jonathan Mostow will partner with Virgin Comics to develop a feature from “The Megas,” a graphic novel just published by Virgin based on a Mostow idea, reports Variety.

The graphic novel, written by John Harrison and drawn by Peter Rubin, presupposes an America that has a ruling class called the Megas, for whom there is a special set of laws. A detective who believes in the monarchy rethinks his position after investigating a crime that reveals ugly truths about the elite society.

It’s unclear whether Mostow will write the script or direct the feature adaptation; he and Virgin Comics chief creative officer Gotham Chopra and CEO Sharad Devarajan will begin shopping the project shortly.

Mostow, who last directed “Terminator 3,” begins production in eight weeks on Bruce Willis starrer Surrogates for Disney.

Source: Variety