More Mattel Toy Pics! Hype! had a chance to spend a couple of hours in the Mattel showroom snapping pictures of Mattel’s line of toys for The Dark Knight, Speed Racer, Kung Fu Panda and their newest toys based on the DC Universe characters, both from comics and various cartoons, including our first look at the Joker action figure we mentioned in our previous piece.

Unfortunately, the Two-Face toy we also mentioned wasn’t on display, but obviously someone found it as you can see here. Another figure in the line that was kept hidden from us was the unmasked Batman action figure. Otherwise, you can see all the different variations of Batman being done for the line, as well as Mattel’s Power Tek variations which offer a lot of different versions of the Dark Knight. One surprise figure showing up in the line that we were told won’t be in the movie is Deathstroke the Terminator, the Teen Titans villain, although the design for that figure did get Christopher Nolan’s approval so maybe we’ll see Slade Wilson in a future installment of this new Batman film series.

As far as Mattel’s Speed Racer toys, we were able to grab pictures of a lot of the different cars from different angles and out of the packaging. The Hot Wheels size cars seem to offer the most variety including a couple of cars we haven’t seen before, though one wonders how many of these will be seen in the movie. We also got a look at some of the wild playsets inspired by the movie.

We now have pictures of all the Kung Fu Panda characters that will be in Mattel’s line of action figures and we also got a look at a good amount of their action figures of different sizes based on the characters in the DCU. These include two three-packs with figures from the DC Comics event “Infinite Crisis,” a series of “Fighting Figures” two-packs where you can pit heroes like Superman, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl against their respective villains, and larger 12″ figures, including a line where you can get pieces to build the giant Gorilla Grodd.

You can check out our special Toy Fair gallery and see all of these new pictures here.

Source: Edward Douglas