Myriad and 407 Team Up for Hybrid

Variety reports that the recently formed partnership between Myriad Pictures and comic book creators Studio 407 has yielded its first project. Myriad will make a live-action film based on the Studio 407 property Hybrid.

The story revolves around vacationing college students who come across what appears to be an abandoned trawler while on a sailing trip. They soon discover it is the nest of a mutant creature, born of environmental abuse, who “fishes” for humans in the open water.

The project is currently out to directors. Peter Kwong, who penned the comic — which publishes in June — will write the screenplay.

Myriad is eyeing a mid-2008 start date. The film will be shot in Southeast Asia off the coast of Thailand.

Myriad’s Kirk D’Amico and Studio 407’s Alex Leung are producing.

Source: Variety