Final Justice League Decision Tomorrow?

If this Blog post from Entertainment Weekly is true, we would probably either see a full cast announcement on Tuesday for Justice League or hear nothing at all until after the writers strike. The problem is, if the below is not true and we don’t hear anything for a long time, fans are still going to assume the studio didn’t give the movie the green light:

Holy work-stoppage, Batman! The ongoing WGA strike now has Warner Bros.’ superhero bonanza Justice League of America in its crosshairs. A source tells Hollywood Insider that filmmakers would like another script rewrite and are now debating whether to begin shooting without one. The studio has a Jan. 15 deadline to either greenlight League for a spring production start — meaning a summer ’09 release — or push it into the post-strike ether. (Warner Bros. had no comment.) All seven superheroes have been cast — among them, Adam Brody, according to one report — but it remains to be seen whether they’ll get to fly this year.

We’ll let you know if anything happens.

Source: A1ant