Bradstreet May Do Punisher Posters

Tim Bradstreet has posted the following, indicating he may be working on the Punisher: War Zone movie:

With any luck, the real swan song will present itself in the form of doing some film posters for Warzone. That would be a nice way to go out, right there on top. Incidentally, It’s been reported to me unofficially that Lexi, Gale, and company have paid me the ultimate tribute in the upcoming Punisher sequel by naming one of the set locations after me . . . The Brad Street Hotel. Some shots of this location are floating around on line (posted below), but I have yet to confirm this as solid truth from the production. That’d be way cool though eh?

Directed by Lexi Alexander, the September 12, 2008 release stars Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Doug Hutchinson, Colin Salmon, Wayne Knight, Dash Mihok and Julie Benz.

Source: Advanced Dark