Who Does Taymor Want for the Spider-Man Musical?

Julie Taymor (Broadway’s “The Lion King”), who is directing the upcoming “Spider-Man” musical, tells the Daily Mail that she is eyeing Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood for the two leads:

First off, she wants handsome British actor Jim Sturgess to play the spandexed superhero and his alter-ego Peter Parker, with Hollywood beauty Evan Rachel Wood to play his main love interest Mary Jane Watson.

“There, I’ve said it. Now I have to go through a web to get them,” Ms Taymor told me at a Lincoln Centre gala where she and others, including director Stephen Frears, were honoured for their work with the Rolex-funded mentor arts programme.

She added: “Jim’s certainly interested, but his film career has taken off, so I have to nab him between movies. Same with Evan. They’d be my ideal pairing, though, if they’re free.”

More on the production at the link above!

Source: Silvermoth