Nolan Debunks Dark Knight Pollution Story

The AFP reports that The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan said Friday a planned scene in which Batman dived into Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor was cut because of script changes and not the water’s severe pollution.

“That was my decision, nothing to do with pollution. It was simply a script decision,” said Nolan, “Once you see the finished film, you will understand why. As far as the pollution question goes, I honestly have no problem dumping movie stars in it.”

The film will use Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline during several days filming there, Nolan added.

Bale said he was excited about climbing to the top of some the city’s highest buildings “and jumping off of them.”

Speaking alongside co-star Morgan Freeman at a packed press conference, Bale said he would be shooting on the top of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the 90-storey IFC2.

Source: He-Man