Dark Knight Lights & Nicholson on the Joker

The Associated Press reports that The Dark Knight production came under fire for asking tenants along a Hong Kong waterfront to keep their lights on all night for a week to better show off the city’s glass and steel skyline. For more on that, click here.

In related news, Jack Nicholson was asked by MTV what he thinks of Warner Bros. using the Joker again in the new Batman movie. He didn’t hold anything back:

Let me be the way I’m not in interviews. I’m furious. I’m furious. [He laughs.] They never asked me about a sequel with the Joker. I know how to do that! Nobody ever asked me.

The entire interview is up here.

Also, BBC posted this photo of a Hercules C-130 plane flying low over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong for the filming of The Dark Knight.

Source: Superhero Hype!