Will Justice League & Wolverine Get a Tax Rebate?

The Australian has posted an interesting article on the financials for George Miller’s Justice League and Gavin Hood’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman. Here’s a clip:

In two weeks, parameters for the new tax offset for Australian films, announced in the federal budget in May, will be released. “We’ve been making films for a quarter of a century and, to be honest, (this) is the only chance we have got to have a sustainable industry,” Miller said.

If Miller’s new film about Batman and other superheroes is classified as Australian, his company will get back 40per cent of what it spends in Australia to make it.

He said this would give his company the resources for more films, keeping the industry humming. (He confirmed a Happy Feet sequel was in the works.)

“My heart sank after Happy Feet because we had built up this homegrown talent, these great young kids, and the moment the film finished, they took jobs as waiters and landscape gardeners or went off to new jobs in Singapore and Canada,” he said.

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Source: The Australian