Kansas City Artists’ Sculptures in Watchmen

The Kansas City Star reports that four sculptures by Kansas City area artists will appear in Watchmen, directed by Zack Snyder (300, Dawn of the Dead).

Warner Bros. has leased the pieces “Hemisphere” by Arlie Regier, ‘Sphere’ by his son Dave Regier, and ‘Hyperbolic Hexagon II’ and ‘Atomic Flower,’ both by Brent Collins. The artwork is being shipped to Vancouver, British Columbia, where filming is underway.

Paul Dorrell, who represents the artists, said the filmmakers apparently saw pictures of the sculptures on the Internet and thought they would be ideal in Watchmen.

He said the filmmakers were struck by their sci-fi look and will use them for the set that serves as the home of Dr. Manhattan (portrayed by Billy Crudup).

Source: The Kansas City Star