Hot Photos From the Hulk Set!

The action on The Incredible Hulk set on Yonge Street in Toronto heated up last night and scooper ‘ad101867’ was there to witness the filming and send us some great pics of what happened. The Louis Leterrier-directed film, opening June 13, stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Christina Cabot and Lou Ferrigno. Here’s ‘ad1011867’…

In one of the photos you can see a number of people in motion along the sidewalk, at the lefthand side of the photo. One heavier-set guy in particular is actually running in the direction of the camera. That’s during one of the takes in which the extras are being filmed running away from the fight.

Even though unfortunately the entry points onto the street were so well-guarded that I couldn’t get better shots without being an extra or crew member, it was interesting even just hearing the shoot take place. I couldn’t hear the director call “Action!”, but an assistant nearby would call out “Filming!” and other crew members would warn people against using flashes or motion-photography; we were only officially allowed to take still shots (although of course they could hardly stop everyone in the crowd from taking all footage).

The extras screamed as they ran away from the imaginary combatants, and the funny thing was hearing either the director or an assistant (we couldn’t see them, cuz they were further inside the closed-off section) actually give a loud bellow through a loudspeaker, presumably to cue the extras. I’m kinda hoping the “real” Hulk doesn’t sound quite like that!

Source: Superhero Hype!