Glen Morgan Exits Bionic Woman

Variety reports that Glen Morgan, best known for his work on “The X-Files,” is departing NBC’s new show, “Bionic Woman,” effective immediately. The trade says “creative differences” are the cause of the departure.

David Eick remains in place as showrunner and will assume all responsibility for day-to-day production of the series, working with executive producer Jason Smilovic.

NBC issued a statement thanking Morgan for his contributions to establishing a template for “Bionic” and said it was looking forward to the show debuting later this month as scheduled.

Variety adds that insiders believe it’s possible the show–which is now in production on its fifth episode–might take a break for a while in order to give the writers a chance to focus on refining the show’s directions. “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Brothers & Sisters” did the same thing and ended up becoming big hits.

Source: Variety