More Hulk Filming Details in Canada

The Dundas Star News reports that The Incredible Hulk might be coming to Dundas, Ontario (about 40 minutes south of Toronto):

Producers of The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, have scouted Dundas for filming locations and may shoot part of the blockbuster movie here next month.

Film publicist Karen Pidgurski confirmed the Valley Town has been checked out for the major motion picture which also features actors Tim Roth, William Hurt and Christina Cabot. But Ms. Pidgurski would not give any further details.

“(We) might end up there for a couple of days at some point during the next few months,” she said. “However, that’s all the information I am able to give you at this time.”

The Incredible Hulk, directed by Louis Leterrier and based on the comic book character created by Stan Lee, is filming in Toronto, Trenton, Vancouver, Belleville and New York City until October. It’s scheduled for release to theatres in June 2008.

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Source: HE-MAN