UPDATE: The Dark Knight’s WhySoSerious.com Updated

UPDATE: The site has updated one last time. You now get taken directly to the teaser trailer. You can still see the case file report for The Joker and if you click on ‘My Wannabes’ and ‘Surveillance’ you can see what happened yesterday that led to the reveal of the teaser trailer.

Scooper ‘The Tamuza’ alerted us that WhySoSerious.com has updated:

I didn’t see the info posted yet but whysoserious.com has changed! The site now shows what happened to the lucky “winner” of the contest and is complete with a case file report from Gotham’s Finest. You also might wanna look for the little shiny dot on the page…wink wink.

Check it out at the link above!

Source: The Tamuza