Dark Horse Developing Creepy and Eerie

Film company and comic book publisher Dark Horse has announced it will bring back the classic properties “Creepy” and “Eerie.”

Dark Horse will publish both catalog material and new titles; it will mine the properties for film and TV development and control some merchandising rights.

Jim Warren’s horror-themed “Creepy” and sci-fi skewing “Eerie” were released between the late 1960s and early 1980s and hit their peak in the ’70s; they prefigured TV properties such as “Tales From the Crypt.”

Dark Horse Entertainment, the film banner of the Oregon publisher, has produced The Mask and Hellboy and is behind upcoming Josh Hartnett starrer 30 Days of Night.

Comics’ authors Bernie Wrightson, along with Steve Niles (“30 Days”), will be involved in new editions of the titles.

Source: Variety