Transformers, X-Men & Fantastic Four Sequel Talk

The Associated Press has published a new article talking about movie sequels. Here are some interesting quotes on Transformers, X-Men and Fantastic Four sequels/spinoffs:

“Transformers,” which was based on the `80s toys and animated TV show, has grossed over $223 million in two weeks and seems destined for at least one sequel. Martin Levy, a marketing executive at Dreamworks (which co-produced the movie with Paramount), says: “It’s a very logical thing to think that we can look forward to another one.”

Feige says another “X-Men” film is possible and that spin-offs for Wolverine and Magneto are in the works. A third “Fantastic Four” following this summer’s “Rise of the Silver Surfer” edition is also possible, and Feige says a Silver Surfer stand-alone script has been “moved to the forefront” of discussions.

The full article is available here.

Source: Advanced Dark