Bale on Dark Knight & More Set Reports

Newsday chatted with Christian Bale and asked him what we can expect from The Dark Knight:

It’s now the question of the burden and toll of what he’s doing, the question can this be a finite endeavor. Is this something that has an end? Can he quit and have an ordinary life? The kind of manic intensity someone has to have to maintain the passion and the anger that they felt as a child, takes an effort after awhile, to keep doing that. At some point, you have to exorcise your demons. That’s what I love about Batman. There’s so much that is about character.

An anonymous scooper also sent us this spoilerish bit about the Chicago filming:

They seem to have a whole set up over by the WGN studios on Addison. As I walked out of the building I saw a ton of white semi trailers with RFK all over them. I also managed to get a photo of the Batpod stored in a little white trailer with a white pick up on the front. I think they had some set building in a wharehouse nearby too. There was lots of guys building some big wooden sections. I also saw a guy riding a red and white scooter that was almost child sized.

More set reports have gone up on the message boards here and here!

Source: Superhero Hype!