A Surprise Character on the Dark Knight Set!

Scooper ‘typeorocks’ filed this report from The Dark Knight set in Chicago, with photos, video and a spoiler on one of the characters we’ll see in the film:

Here is my set report from last night (Wed) in Chicago. Lots of snipers were there early… only to see a few scenes being filmed 1 level under the rooftop set in the parking garage. The scenes were gunfire and gang members running for cover.

Also… not being filmed was a stunt double jumping from the rooftop into the level below. He had on a Batman outfit… but no cowl.

After about 2 hours or so everyone went on break… most of the people standing around snapping pictures left. But we stayed. I hung out below and heard that Cillian [Murphy] was spotted! I tried to find him but didn’t. However I did find Chris Nolan. Got his autograph on my BB DVD and a picture with him.

Around 2:30-3ish they returned to the set and started filming 2 gangs fighting with each other. Then I spotted Cillian and they filmed him yelling at the gang. The sound of gunfire blasted and everyone ran for cover. They repeated this over and over again. Here are a few pics of the gangs talking to each other. The people on the right are the Scarecrow gang. The gang on the left… I have no idea? They were all dressed nice so maybe part of the mob?

So after a few takes of that… they moved to the side of the van. I saw a Batman… It had to be a stunt double. And him and Scarecrow had a struggle and ended with the crow gassing Batman. Batman fell to the ground holding his face screaming.

They were still doing takes of that when I left…about 4am.

I also uploaded a video in addition to my set report.

The Dark Knight opens in theaters on July 18, 2008.

Source: typorocks