John Cusack Wants Watchmen

Zack Snyder all but confirmed recently that Jude Law, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Wilson will star in Watchmen, but now John Cusack tells MTV he would love to be a part of the film:

MTV: You can’t Google your name without getting a hit for “Watchmen.” Everyone wants you to be in this movie.

Cusack: I’m in. Talk to Zack [Snyder].

MTV: Have you read the comic?

Cusack: Yeah, I actually love the comic. Maybe this is how people get jobs in the modern world. Like, I come on MTV and then he’ll see it and give it to me.

MTV: Are you familiar with the character of Nite Owl?

Cusack: There’s that guy and then there’s Rorschach, right? I like that. I like that stuff.

MTV: Would you prefer to play Rorschach or Nite Owl?

Cusack: I haven’t read the script nor have I ever met Mr. Snyder. I thought that was a really, really cool comic. I’m into it. But, you know, we have to talk to Zack’s representatives. What studio is doing the film?

MTV: Warner Bros.

Cusack: See, who knows. Warner Bros. might want Ashton Kutcher.

MTV: I don’t think that would work. John Cusack would work.

Cusack: Welcome to my world.

Cusack can next be seen in 1408, opening June 22.

Source: MTV