William Hurt Joins The Incredible Hulk!

Oscar winner William Hurt has joined the all-star cast of Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk.

The movie, which Louis Leterrier is directing, sees Bruce Banner/Hulk on the run, trying to avoid capture long enough to cure the condition that turns him into a monster. Hurt will play Gen. Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, the man who has dedicated his life to capturing the Hulk — and who also is the father of Banner’s love interest, Betty Ross.

“Hulk” is shaping up to having one of the stronger comic book movie casts in quite a while as Hurt joins two-time Oscar nominee Edward Norton, who is playing Banner, Liv Tyler as Betty and Tim Roth as villain Emil Blonsky/the Abomination.

Zak Penn wrote the latest big-screen adventure of the green goliath, which Universal Pictures is distributing.

The film is being produced by Avi Arad, Gale Anne Hurd and Kevin Feige, while Jim Van Wyck, David Maisel, Ari Arad and Stan Lee executive produce. Shooting is slated to begin this summer in Toronto.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter