Spider-Man 3 Up to $844 Million Worldwide

Variety reports that Spider-Man 3 has reached $844 million worldwide, which makes it the biggest movie in the Spidey franchise:

The fifth frame of Sony’s “Spider-Man 3” offered the only semblance of competition to the pirates with $11.8 million at 11,500 in 77 markets, lifting the foreign total to $525.7 million, 12th best of all time. The worldwide cume has hit $844 million — 14th highest on the all-time list — and the three Spidey pics have combined for more than $2.4 billion in box office.

Top “Spider-Man 3” perfs came from Japan, off 37% to $1.5 million at 777 for a total of $51.7 million, the U.K. with $1.1 million at 769 for a $64.5 million cume, and France with $1.1 million at 866 for a $51.8 million take.

Spider-Man earned $821.7 million worldwide and Spider-Man 2 took in $783.8 million.

Source: Variety