4 Dark Knight Scenes to be Shot in IMAX!

USA Today has broken the news that director Christopher Nolan will shoot four action scenes for The Dark Knight in IMAX format. Here’s a clip:

Nolan will shoot four action sequences — including the introduction of the Joker, played by Heath Ledger — on IMAX.

The move is one of Hollywood’s most pronounced steps yet in its embrace of IMAX theaters, which are increasingly showing commercial fare on their giant screens.

“There’s simply nothing like seeing a movie that way,” Nolan says. “It’s more immersive for the audience. I wish I could shoot the entire thing this way.”

For Nolan, IMAX makes the moviegoing experience unique again.

“You can’t do this on any home theater,” Nolan says. “Batman has some of the most extraordinary characters in pop culture. We wanted the Joker to have the grandest entrance possible.

The article included the above photo. Click here for the full story and a second photo! The Hollywood Reporter has more on this as well.

Source: USA Today