Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. chatted with Time Out Abu Dhabi about taking on the role of Iron Man:

I went after it. I hunted it down. I am a fan of the comic book. It’s mythology. Stan Lee created the character on a dare to see if he could make a wealthy, establishment, weapons manufacturing, hard drinking, womanising p**** into someone who is likeable and a hero. And I definitely have had to overcome certain perceptions. But I know underneath it, my heart is in the right place. And that’s kind of what the movie is about.

Unlike so many other superhero movies that something amazing happened to them or they were traumatised by bats or something that justifies why they have a transformation, he’s a guy. He’s a guy who has to do extraordinary things. That’s why I love Die Hard and The Matrix. Deep down I’m a big nerd for superhero movies.

Iron Man kicks-off next summer on May 2.

Source: Time Out Abu Dhabi