The Dark Knight Set Reports Continue

A couple more reports (including spoilers) from The Dark Knight set this afternoon. First up is ‘Spiral’:

An update from Chicago on the filming of the Dark Knight.

I was on the set from 12pm until 3:15pm. Filming on the interior of the old post office (Gotham National Bank) seems to be done: plastic sheets were off of the doors, and it seemed like things were being removed from inside. The school bus was still inside.

The fake wall that has been attached to the building seems to be nearing completion, with the undersides of the frame having been painted gold. Work on the exterior of the building continued with painters further ‘aging’ the stone, and work around the ‘Gotham National Bank’ being done.

The biggest news: parked infront of the bank was an old looking suburban, on a trailer ready to be halled by a truck for filming. The right side of the car had black sheets above it (for lighting purposes), and cameras were attached to the front and side and on the truck ready to tow it.

Our director, Christopher Nolan was present on set overseeing everything and looking through the camera. At one point 3 of the Joker’s goons were placed inside the car, each with their mask hidden under their coats. Everyone then left for a lunch break. When they returned they put on their masks (which have been photographed before), then they got out of the car again.

The third time they got into the car, who SOMEHOW got into the car? None other than Heath Ledger, our Joker. He had his mask with him, and he did NOT, repeat DID NOT have any face paint whatsoever on him. I believe this is because while they film in the car he will be wearing his large clown mask.

When they were all in the car it was pulled away from the post office set, followed by Gotham City taxicabs! and other vehicles. and did not return before I left (which was 90 minutes later).

He definitely had a clown mask, however I would not say it looked like a skull as was previously described, it just seemed like a clown. Each person in the car’s mask was unique, as was reported, and I cannot say that I noticed any blue mohawk hair (not to say that it wasn’t there).

There was an updated posting about the filming in Chicago as well: the helicopter was supposed to be present for test shooting between 2pm and 4pm, but it had not arrived at 3:30. The large exterior shooting with the streets blocked off and helicopter present will begin tomorrow at 6am, scheduled to last until 9pm.

‘B’ also wrote in with a pic:

During my lunch break today I took a walk around Franklin & Van Buren a couple blocks east of “Gotham National Bank”. There I noticed police officers blocking & directing traffic. Wasn’t sure why until I saw a police car escorting a convoy behind it including a film crew on a flatbed truck towing & filming(?) another truck on a separate flatbed.

In that truck’s front seat were two masked goons (wearing the same masks as seen on this site yesterday). Behind the driver was Heath Ledger sans makeup. No green hair, no grey/white skin, etc.

Instead of being obvious or risk being rushed off or interrupting anything, I snapped a pic from a nearby parking garage. I know it’s not a great pic (Heath is not even in it), but you can see the masked goons in the front.

Source: Superhero Hype!