More Dark Knight Reports and Set Pics!

Scooper ‘Chi-Town Cobblepot’ sent us this report and photos from The Dark Knight set in Chicago (Possible spoilers ahead!:

I was down in the city where they are setting up for The Dark Kinght aka RFK, at about 1a.m. and I snuck through security with my ninja skills and I managed to capture some good shots of inside the Gotham National Bank and of the School Bus that they are going to use. Rumor on the set is that The Joker is going to crash through the bank in a school bus full of his goons, and rob the bank during the daytime, seeing as how this is a daytime shot (which was posted on the green sheet titled RFK), and also, banks are not open at night, so it would have to be a daytime shot.

‘FightingTheSuburbs’ also wrote in with a link to more pics:

Hey I shot better shots of the Post Office today after work. Just posted them here.

Source: Superhero Hype!