Wanted to Start Filming in Prague

The Prague Post talked to Stillking Films producer David Minkowski about prepping Universal’s Wanted for filming soon:

At the height of filming, both this project and Wanted will employ upward of 1,600 people. Though both films will be primarily studio-based, Wanted will be wandering out into Prague streets for a few shots…

Wanted, however, will be the film to watch. It’s the first work of Bekmambetov’s since his Night Watch and Day Watch became sensations in Russia (the third film in the trilogy is currently in production), and he’ll be using some new toys. Wanted will be the first film to be shot with the brand-new Red One 4k digital camera, something that has cinematographers salivating.

Visit the link above for more on this. Wanted is based on Mark Millar’s graphic novel and stars James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie.

Source: The Prague Post