Spider-Man 3 Updates

USA Today reports that New York will be celebrating the opening of Spider-Man 3 with a week-long tribute of exhibits and events starting April 30:

The city’s American Museum of Natural History is installing a spider exhibit shortly before the film opens. New York’s Botanical Garden will host workshops on baby spider plants. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan will honor the villain Green Goblin with a display of the original Goblin outfit and a mask-making workshop. The Central Park Zoo will host a Spider-Man scavenger hunt and a “Bugmania” show.

More on that here.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Spider-Man 3 will open in China before North America:

“Spider-Man 3” will premiere in China on May 3, the day before it opens in North America, China’s top overseas film import official said Thursday. The move is designed to secure a strong opening at the boxoffice before pirated copies have a chance to flood the market.

Kirsten Dunst talks a bit about a fourth film in this interview:

Q: Tobey Maguire has said this third movie is his last, but Sam Raimi has said he’s seriously considering four. Where do you weigh in?

A: “I weigh in with Sam. And Tobey would do it as well. If Sam and I were doing it? Yeah, of course. We’re definitely a team at this point.”

Also, FirstShowing.net tells us they have learned more about the possible running time and expected theater bookings. Click here for that news.

Spider-Man 3 opens on May 4.

Source: MarvelXI