The Tumbler in Chicago

Blog writer ‘iDima’ posted that he works next to offices where they are creating the Tumblers (or Batmobiles) for The Dark Knight:

My company moved into this new office building this past December. It’s an industrial type place with lots of space. One floor. Warehouse type deal. Well the 3 similar offices next door were completely empty. Until a month or two ago that is.

You’ll remember that Batman begins was filmed on location in Chicago. Because I live/work in Chicago I recognized most of the places the batmobile drove through… even through the extra CGI.

The company that moved in next door… does the props for the new Batman movie that’s currently being filmed here in Chicago…

…And what’s cooler is that they have like 10 of these in the warehouse. TEN BATMOBILES!!!

I guess they’re going to destroy some of them or something. Their building sets and props all day. I can hear them through the walls of my office.

You can view a photo of the Tumbler here!

Source: iDima