Studio Already Planning a Wanted Sequel?

In a reply at about whether Mark Miller has written a Wanted sequel, he denies that but also mentions that Universal Pictures and director Timur Bekmambetov are talking about a second movie:

Cool article. But note: I am NEVER writing a sequel to Wanted. The director has an idea for a sequel based on these characters and ideas and they’re already making plans with the studio. But I am absolutely not doing a sequel to the comic-book. I always saw the things as self-contained. It was one guy’s journey.

Millar also talked to The Herald about the casting of Angelina Jolie and mentioned that we’ll be getting another casting announcement soon:

“I now understand why casting directors are so well-paid. It really is a skill to figure out who can bring a character to life and work together as a team. There are four big names in this picture and Angelina is the third of the four released. There is another big male star (to be) announced inside the next week or two. But the people involved in this are already way, way beyond anything I imagined for the first movie I actually own.”

Wanted, starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Jolie, opens March 28, 2008.