Wolverine Taking Revenge on Sabertooth?

MTV talked to Tyler Mane, who says his Sabertooth character from the first X-Men movie might be a villain in the Wolverine spinoff:

According to massive actor/wrestler Tyler Mane, discussions are under way to have his evil mutant from the original “X-Men” movie return for the highly anticipated Wolverine spinoff flick. “We will see,” an optimistic Mane revealed recently. “There is talk of a Wolverine-Sabretooth [plot], and we will see what happens with that.” Mane might have some competition from Vinnie Jones, however, who has insisted in the past that his Juggernaut will be the target of those famed adamantium claws. Nevertheless, Mane’s comments would seem to support fans who believe the prequel will have Logan seeking revenge against Victor Creed — who eventually became Sabretooth in the “X-Men” comic book series. “We will see,” Mane said cryptically. “You never know.”

Source: MTV