Zack Snyder Talks Watchmen

300 director Zack Snyder sat down for a video interview with Reelz Channel to talk all about the Watchmen movie he is helming next. You can watch the interview here.

He also talked to Empire Online about the recent image that was found in the R-rated 300 trailer:

“That’s actually Wes Coller who’s one of the Associate Producers on 300”, revealed Snyder, when asked about the test shot. “So, we were knocking around the office and I told him to put an overcoat on and I took a picture. We then took it outside to Grant Freckelton (300’s Visual Effects Art Director) who was having his lunch, and I asked him to knock it up for me. Put the Empire State Building there, put the moon there…it’s a start, but it was really just for fun.”

Visit the link above for more of the interview.

Source: Reelz Channel, Empire Online