Hasbro Spider-Man 3 Site Launched

Hasbro just sent us the following anouncement:

“Are your Spider-Senses tingling?”

Only 9 more days til “Webslinger Weekend” (March 24, 2007) — the time when all of the new Hasbro Spider-Man 3 and other Spider-Man themed collectibles, games and toys go on sale.

Hasbro’s special Spider-Man website went live early this morning.

Spider-Man fans visiting the site can:

– Submit questions for Stan Lee. Selected questions will be answered during an interview with Stan Lee, which will be posted to the site on Thursday, March 29. (Questions can be submitted from March 16 to 23.)

– Learn how they can crack “The Secret of the Symbiote”, a code embedded on some of the new product packages. The first 100 code crackers will win an exclusive prize!

– Register for a “Spider Reminder” call to help them wake up early and head to the store on March 24 to be the first to pick up the new Spider-Man 3 product.

– View Spider-Man 3 trailers and Hasbro’s new Spider-Man commercials.

– See the full line of Hasbro toys that will go on sale on March 24,

including the product that will be offered exclusively at specific


Fans can access the site at: Hasbro.com/Spiderman.

Source: Hasbro