Director Sylvain White Talks Ronin

Our pal Wilson at scored an exclusive interview with director Sylvain White, who is likely to follow his hit dance movie Stomp the Yard with a foray into the world of Frank Miller, having been tagged to helm a movie based on Miller’s 1983 mini-series Ronin.

The mini-series told the tale of a 13th Century Japanese samurai who was reborn into a 21st Century New York, where he faced the reincarnation of an ancient demon called Agat.

When asked what stage the film was at, White responded, “We are working off different scripts and trying to polish them. We are working off different versions that we got a couple of different authors. There’s a really nice presentation that goes with it. It’s basically saving the world back and forth and looking to develop it further once we set it up with Warner Bros. Warner Bros. has a first look deal on the film after the project was placed in turnaround.”

You can read the entire interview where White talks about getting the gig and how he’ll be proceeding on