James Bond 22 Update

The Trades has posted a great interview with “James Bond” franchise writers Robert Wade and Neal Purvis in which they talk about the 22nd film.

Wade told the site that you shouldn’t bet on Q and Moneypenny to return just yet. “With the way ‘Casino Royale’ ends, you know there’s still unfinished business for Bond. He may say, ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond,’ but there’s still a lot of stuff churning up inside him. So, if you’re going to explore that, and we’ve got this great actor to do that with, what you don’t want to do is suddenly clamp it down with all these familiar elements that keep your focus off him. He’s the great asset.”

Purvis added that it would be easier to add Moneypenny to the storyline. “Q presents more problems. People have all got gadgets now. Other films have lots of gadgets as well…The idea of Q coming back, for the moment, it’s just not a high priority.”

Wade debunked the rumor that the next film would be based on Ian Fleming’s short story, “Risico,” but he had no comment about whether Vesper’s Algerian boyfriend would be one of the villains in James Bond 22.

About the schedule, Wade said “The idea is for the movie to start shooting at the beginning of next year.”

In related news, CommanderBond.net says that Giancarlo Giannini, who played Rene Mathis in Casino Royale, has confirmed that he will appear once again in the next film. For a spoiler on why he will return, click here.

Source: The Trades