Ghost Rider’s Troubles Getting a Money Now Loan

Scooper ‘dragonklawz’ wrote in with word about this funny TV spot for Jackson Hewitt featuring Ghost Rider:

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has a TV spot featuring the Ghost Rider. He’s trying to get a Money Now Loan but everything he touches catches on fire. As he hands the representative the burning application the rep calmly puts it out with his coffee while smiling. The Rider hands him his burning W2 form and the rep calmly pats out that fire as well. When the Rider finally recevies his check and reaches for it, the rep almost fumbles the ball and puts it in his burning hand but decides to go for his jacket pocket instead. As the Rider leaves the whole office’s sprinkler system goes off. Pretty funny stuff.

Watch for the TV spot, now airing.

Source: dragonklawz