UPDATE: MSJ on Upcoming Ghost Rider Promos

Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson dropped by the Superhero Hype! message boards to give an update on the upcoming promos you can expect for the comic book adaptation, opening February 16:

Yeah, the outdoor campaign is going up as we speak. Has anyone else seen “The Ghost Rider Was Here” on the side of buildings and billboards? There are over 20 over them here in L.A. Pretty groovy.

T.V. ads start (I think) on the 14th. There will be several differents one, from lighter fare to heavier, to love story, etc. They’ve been testing through the roof! There will be lots of specialty things coming up on T.V. as well, shows hosted by Nic and Eva, etc. I’ll keep you posted.

You can read more of his post at the link above.

UPDATE: You can check out a photo of one of the billboards here.

Source: FlameHead