Spider-Man 3 First Look Appearing in Theaters

Two scoopers tell us that the Spider-Man 3 first look preview clip is already appearing in theaters. First up is ‘Zarathos’:

I just wanted to let you guys know that I went to the movies last night and they had the “AMC: FIRST LOOK” before the film. I was actually expecting to see the one for GHOST RIDER but instead came on one for SPIDER-MAN 3. It showed alot of the same footage from the trailers but also showed a few new scenes like gwen stacey announcing spider-man to the cheering crowd and him swinging in, a scene of Eddie and Peter in the bugle together talking with J.J. about spidey pics. It also layed out the plot as they have in the trailers and talked about the black costume. I’m sure there are a few things in there that I’m missing but that was about it, it was about 3 minutes long

P.S. I went to comic con over the summer and saw the footage they showed, and in it they call topher eddie brock jr. much like he was called in the ultimate story line – no one else ever really mentioned that so I thought it might shine some light on what venom they are doing.

‘Frizz’ also wrote:

I am a projectionist at a movie theater and this morning when I was booting up the digital projectors I saw the Spider-Man 3 interviews on the First Look. They repeated a lot of stuff that we’ve heard before, about Spider-Man’s ego, but it also showed some new things, like Eddie Brock flirting with Miss Brant, and Topher discussed how Eddie and Peter were competing for the photographer position at the Daily Bugle. It showed a clip of J.J. telling them whoever took a picture of Spider-Man with his “hand in the cookie jar” would get the job. No clips of Venom though.

Source: Zarathos, Frizz