Franco’s Goblin Gets into the Action!

James Franco has been having a busy year, starting last winter with movies like Tristan & Isolde and Annapolis through the recent WWI drama Flyboys. He also has a small part in the upcoming indie The Dead Girl, but when Superhero Hype! talked to him, we were more interested in finding out from Franco how things were going on Spider-Man 3, particularly in terms of how much more action he’s been getting into as the latest Goblin villain.

“Spider-Man is a combination of a lot of green screen and action,” he told us. “I mean I shot one action scene that took six weeks for one scene, and then there’s months and months and months of work on the computers that I’m not even a part of. When I see those movies, it’s a different movie for me, and the process feels completely different than the result. Although Sam is one of the most fun directors I’ve ever worked with, the process can be tedious. You do small little segments, and when it all adds up and you see the final result, it’s still surprising to me just because it sure doesn’t feel that way when you’re doing it.”

Goblins don’t have the best of luck in the Spider-Man comics and movies, so we were curious whether he knew anything about Harry Osborn (or anyone else) returning for a possible Spider-Man 4. “When we all signed on–Tobey, Kirsten, and I–we all signed on for three pictures, so when the first one did well, automatically we just did the second and the third. Now, we’ve done the third and the contracts are up. I guess it’s just a little bit more up in the air than the other ones have been. I know that everyone has a great time, and I know that Sony and Marvel could do 100 if they could.”

Franco also expressed his disappointment in not being able to make the huge San Diego Comic Con presentation for the movie last July, but he was in the middle of shooting a movie at the time.

Spider-Man 3 opens on May 4, 2007, while Franco can be seen in one segments of The Dead Girl, which opens on December 29 in New York and Los Angeles.

Source: Edward Douglas